Orthodontics is a combination of the words ortho and donti, which means proper teeth.

If there are crooked teeth, if your teeth are not closing properly, if there are gaps, orthodontic treatment is required.

Crowding in the teeth can cause discomfort in our jaw joints, speech disorders and cause problems in our eating function.

There is no specific age application in orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment can be started after the milk teeth are finished in children. As of the age of 6, it can be applied when crowding is observed by following the teeth in children.

Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur? How Is It Treated?

Now that we have answered the question of what is orthodontology, we can give information about why the problems that this area examines occur and how they are treated. Jaw related disorders are usually hereditary. In such cases, a treatment program is prepared considering the age of the patient. If the lower or upper jaw is behind in adolescents, the treatment is handled by orthodontic methods. Some jaw incompatibilities also occur due to dysfunctions. For example, in people with mouth breathing, the upper jaw takes the V form because it is generally narrow.

Those who use too many false pacifiers or bottles during infancy and childhood, those who suck their finger, nail bites, etc. People with habits can present with orthodontic disorders. Habits should be avoided as early as possible. In this way, skeletal disorders that can be adversely affected by the use of a simple appliance can be prevented. If there is a stenosis in the upper jaw, it can be treated with an appliance.

Sometimes children get the bone size from one parent and the tooth size from the other. In cases where the jaw is large and the teeth are small, there is a gap between the teeth. Other reasons that may cause the teeth to be spaced are the tongue being larger than its normal dimensions or the presence of cavities in the mouth due to extracted teeth. Such situations can only be overcome with orthodontology treatment.

In the scenario where the jawbone is small and the teeth are large, crowding occurs because the teeth will not fit into the jaw. Another event that causes perplexed teeth is the loss of milk teeth at a very late or early age. Each milk tooth falls out at a specific time. For example, if the deciduous tooth, which should fall at the age of 10, falls at the age of 8, the other teeth start to shift towards the cavity opened from the milk tooth. Since the tooth that needs to come out of the cavity cannot find a place for itself, it develops into or out of the tooth arch, and sometimes remains buried.

Can Orthodontic Treatment At Any Age?

There are no age restrictions in orthodontic treatment. However, depending on the age of the patient, the duration and planning of the treatment may change. Recently, orthodontic treatment applied to adults around the world has started to gain popularity. Moreover, aesthetic problems can be avoided by using porcelain brackets.

Sometimes, orthodontic treatment can be applied for prosthesis preparation in order to make a better prosthesis. In this way, teeth become more suitable for prosthesis. Such treatments are usually completed within 4 to 12 months.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Painful?

Patients do not feel any pain during the application and during interim sessions. However, sores may occur on the cheek within a few days after the braces are attached. The healing process of these wounds is 1 week and it is very unlikely to occur again. In rare cases, such as bracket rupture, wire breakage, wounds may recur. These types of problems can be solved with the small touches of the dentist.

In addition to the question of what is orthodontics, patients are given a candle in the first session, and by placing this wax on the area where the wire hurts, the irritation that may occur until the dentist can be prevented. Since the teeth are tightened after the braces are attached, there may be a small ache while eating hard foods.

Invisalign are transparent plates used in modern orthodontic treatment. We can call it the invisible alternative to braces for Invisalign or transparent plaque. Transparent plaques created individually through the 3D modeling program on the computer are more effective than traditional braces treatment. Since there is no wire in the mouth in Invisalign treatment, undesirable effects such as stinging and wounding are not observed. Each transparent plate created specifically for the person is corrected 0.5 mm and applied to the teeth.

According to the treatment plan, when these transparent plaques are inserted into the tooth, the targeted improvement is achieved after the tooth adapts to the plaque. The tooth gradually approaches the targeted result each time the transparent plaques are replaced.

Transparent plaques used in Invisalign treatment must remain on your teeth for 18 hours a day. In special cases, removing the plaques for 1-2 hours does not pose a problem for the treatment process. Invisalign treatment results in a shorter time compared to traditional braces, as well as the comfort it offers. The transparent plate method can be easily applied to individuals aged 12 years and over.

What are Orthodontic Treatment Methods, How Does the Process Progress?

Orthodontic treatment consists of several stages. First of all, your orthodontist examines you and notices problems such as incompatibility, crowding, crookedness in your teeth, and informs you about whether the problem is big and whether it is treated. During the examination, the orthodontist will check the mouth of the person in detail. Afterwards, it gives you the most accurate information about what kind of treatment should be chosen for the treatment of the patient.Then there is a preparation phase. In the preparation phase, the necessary conditions for orthodontics must be met. These conditions are primarily hygienic. Hygiene is very important in orthodontic treatment. It should be checked whether there is bruise in the mouth and if there is, it should be treated. If there is, it should definitely be treated. After the oral care is done perfectly, the preparation process will be completed. Orthodontic treatment progresses with the planning phase after the preparation phase, and your orthodontist offers treatment options to the patient after completing the measurements and analyzes. The reason for having more than one option is that orthodontic treatment is a treatment method that varies from patient to patient. These changes vary according to the person’s jaw structure, teeth and mouth structure. . When it comes to the decision stage, the necessary situations are told to the patient; It can be said as “You need 1-2 teeth to be pulled out due to the narrowness of your mouth.” can be said. When the treatment phase begins, a retractor is attached to the mouth. The purpose of this appliance is to keep the patient’s mouth open throughout the treatment process and to make it easier for the orthodontist to do his job. Braces are attached in two different ways. These are common methods. indirect bonding method is one of them. In this method, brackets are attached to the teeth with adhesive work. Then, arc wires are passed between them. then the tires are installed. This method is a reliable method provided by new technology. Before the continuation of the treatment, the molds of the patient whose mouth measurements were taken are prepared. After the correct controls are made, the transparent plaques of the braces or ortheron can be attached to the mouth.

How and Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur?

The forward or backward lower jaw of the patient, the presence of skeletal disorders or the incompatibility of the jaw structure of the patient are some of the reasons for orthodontic problems to occur. If we come to how these problems occur, as an example; Using baby bottles and pacifiers more than necessary, sucking fingernails or sucking fingers are factors that we think are effective in the emergence of orthodontic problems. Early or late loss of milk teeth that occur at an early age can also cause such orthodontic problems.

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